Small Dogs for Sale? Meet Tootsie!

Chocolate Teacup Yorkshire Terriers

Tiny Tootsie (formerly Snickers) is one of the sweetest small dogs for sale at Chocolate Bark Kennel, currently. Born 5-4-2012 and weighing 4.3 ounces, we estimate her adult weight will be around 4.5 pounds or under. (UPDATE: 6 months and not much over 3 pounds...)

She is a carrier for Golden and has a beautiful reddish coloring mixed in with her chocolate tones. Tootsie is one beautiful puppy! She would be my top choice for temperament. She is a real "people doggie".

It's tricky to find and buy small dogs for sale online. Especially this type of darling pup with the Baby Doll face that makes her look like a little fairy dog! She also has the wee teddy bear look and shape. Adorable!

Our small dogs for sale are raised in our home, underfoot and boast calm and happy temperaments.

Tootsie will probably be big enough to be an excellent breeder. Her dam is an incredible Mom and breezed through her first whelping. Tootsie should have an easy time too. Her mother had four fat and healthy puppies the first time out with no complications.

Tootsie can be purchased with full breeding rights. Championship lineage, her bloodlines have never been inbred OR line bred! She will be micro-chipped before joining your kennel. Contact me for her breeding price.

Tootsie can be purchased as a pet, arriving to your loving arms already spayed. She is such a little lover! She'll smother you with sweet puppy kisses, curl up and take a nap in your lap, and will keep you smiling and laughing as she plays with her toys.

No matter whether for breeding or as a pet, all of our small dogs for sale come with:

  2. Up-to-date Vaccinations and de-worming
  3. Vet-checked
  4. Tails docked
  5. Dewclaws removed
  6. Potty trained (potty pad)
  7. Baby blankie that smells like Mama
  8. Puppy Toy
  9. Puppy Food

Who couldn't love that adorable little face?

Every morning when I sit at my desk, Tootsie comes right over and asks to sit on my lap as I work. She snuggles quietly (after the initial flurry of tiny tail-wagging and little sweet kisses) and sleeps peacefully on my lap.

I think she would actually stay there all day if I would let her but gets down gracefully when it is someone else's turn.

She plays with our 6 month old Golden Retriever and baby Newfoundland pup. She really seems to love them (and, happily, they are sweet and gentle with her).

*Naturally, a tiny teacup puppy cannot be left alone safely with any large dog, no matter how much they love each other!

Pet Price: $1500.00

The Proud Parents

Chocolate Bark Kennel's Chocolate Praline aka "Lina" (left) (Mama)

She is 4.5 pounds. AKC Chocolate & Tan Yorkshire Terrier.

Cathy's Gorgeous Peter Jalbert
Pocket" (above) (Papa)

He is 2.5 pounds. AKC Chocolate & Tan Yorkshire Terrier.

Our Lina is a sweet and mild-mannered Chocolate Teacup Yorkie dog. When I was looking for small dogs for sale and discovered her available from a Yorkie breeder in Washington, I was delighted. She was everything I was looking for in a Teacup Yorkie dog. Her gorgeous chocolate coloring was a real bonus as I adore the unique colorings available these days in the Yorkshire Terrier breed.

When the same breeder offered "Pocket" to use as the sire for Lina's first litter, I knew it was a match made in heaven, Chocolate Teacup Yorkie heaven, that is! Lina and Pocket's tiny puppies are divine too! I look forward to repeating this fantastic union!

So when its your turn to find a small dog for sale I hope you enjoy browsing my puppy pages and good luck trying to pick just one!

I'm eager to hear from you and ready to answer any questions you may have. Just fill out the form below and I will contact you ASAP. At that time, we can exchange phone numbers and talk "in-person"!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

In Joy,


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